Why You Should Choose PluckyWare?

We understand how it feels to be stuck with toxic adulterated cookware. So we got rid of unclean cookware, and developed genuine cookware that uses ceramic coating instead of toxic chemicals like polytetrafluoroethylene etc...
The Plucky Cookware Set
Oven Safe & Induction compatible
High Heat Conductivity 500ºF (390ºF with lid)
Genuine materials
The Other Brands
Made with harmful chemicals
Toxic synthetic coating like polytetrafluoroethylene
Low melting = Not oven or induction stove compatible
So hard to clean with Tough Dirty Residue
Large amounts of adulteration

Made My kitchen Genuine with clean cookware

1 - Angelic Coaster1 - Angelic Coaster
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1 - Natural Teak Wooden Teak Spoons1 - Natural Teak Wooden Teak Spoons
1 - Pluckyware Set1 - Pluckyware Set